Rose of the E. 0748 'Chambure' vihuela

The rose of the Chambure vihuela [left] shows remarkable similarity both in the patterns of its design and the means of construction with the rose of an Italian early 17th guitar* [middle and right]. Both roses consist of three tiers each of which is made up of two layers: wood (possibly fruitwood) re-enforced with thin parchment underneath. The parchment backing is clearly visible, in places where some breakages have occurred, on both roses: see arrows T, M and B for top, middle and bottom layers accordingly. It is highly likely that the roses have come from one source and were manufactured not by instrument makers but craftsmen of separate trades. For more on the subject of roses see: "Roses in late 16th – early 17th century vihuelas: some thoughts and ideas".

* Collection of the Edinburgh University

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