Flat-back vihuela

This model was inspired by the description of steps and instructions for vihuela makers or violeros, found in Do Regimento dos Violeiros 1572 - the most comprehensive document of its kind that is known to have survived. The vihuelas are available in different sizes: in B* (SL 47cm), A (SL 50cm), G (SL 56 - 58cm), F (60cm), E (SL 66cm) or according to your own specifications. The rose is of the same geometrical design as on my reconstruction of the viola da mano from the painting by Girolamo dai Libri. It is inserted flush with the surface of the soundboard in the way most probably referred to in original sources as 'lazo en la tapa' (for more discussion on this subject see Roses in late 16th – early 17th century vihuelas: some thoughts and ideas).

Prices for less decorated versions (without the mosaic inlays, half-edge inlay around the soundboard, with simpler rose and peg head designs):

£ 2150 for vihuelas in B and A
£ 2250 for vihuelas in G and F
£ 2350 for vihuela in E

For custom decorations, please enquire.

The instrument shown below has 47cm String Length and can be tuned either to A or B

(* all nominal tunings mentioned here assume modern pitch standard a' 440Hz)

For larger images click on the corresponding views below

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